so long mary, hello thomas!

for those of you who may still be confused, i’m not returning to ave maria this semester. actually, as i type this, i’m in my new apartment at aquinas college in grand rapids michigan. yes, i am officially a transfer student :o) [major: business admin. minor: journalism/publications.]
so far, AQ is *great*. classes start tomorrow so i’ll get back to you after that. i have two awesome roommates, love the apartment, and managed to avoid going into bankruptcy buying my books (it was close though. would you ever pay 170 for an accounting book? lord have mercy! thank goodness for used books online…)
random observation: there are a MILLION redheads here! it is SO weird! okay, there’s not really a million, actually, there’s a lot less than a million, but regardless, there seems to be a disproportionate number of us. not that it’s a bad thing though. i mean, look at me, right? yes, redheads are amazing…

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