good morning moon!

you know, like the children’s book Goodnight Moon?
I stepped outside this morning for a bike ride, and my breath was taken away. Not only was it oddly cold *, but it was still dark out and the stars and moon were shining their absolute brightest for as long as they could. Reason number 34985 for waking up early.
There’s some completely un-capturable beauty in the transformation from night to dawn. It boggles my mind that so many people will never appreciate this aspect of the world. Well, I can understand, so maybe boggle is too strong a word. Heck, sometimes morning just comes too early to appreciate anything about it except for the fact that you’re alive to see it. But to get beyond that is to see some serious glory.
Anyway, as I looked up at the sky, I was overcome with the desire to fly. Not fly as in the fantastical, me just in the air type way, I was actually thinking flying in an airplane. Think about it, I’m in my 6th consecutive month of not flying. That feels weird for me, almost not right. I haven’t traveled. I’m still in Michigan. For almost half a year!?!?
I realize that this urge to move is a little crazy. I mean, realistically, relatively, whatever-ly, 6th months is nothing. Sure it speeds by to me, but speeds by with a sense of weight. I do have the urge to move, to travel. [the euro to dollar discourages that a little, but not a lot] But the thing is, I’m right here, right now, for a reason, and it would do me no good to run away.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually have big negative monsters to run away from. Life in Grand Rapids, Michigan is great! I was actually thinking recently what a good place to live GR is. Aquinas is great, people are great, everything is great, peachy even. But that doesn’t take away the bug.
Maybe that’s why I love to bike.

*not odd for October, but odd

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