random musings with alissa schafer

My first semester at Aquinas is now finished. Christmas break has begun. I don’t have school to do, and yet I’m still in Grand Rapids. In the next couple days I will be finishing up editing for my demo tape at WOOD and interviewing for a new internship next semester at Grand Rapids Community Media Center. Word. I feel really good about the grcmc internship so I’m hoping that it works out. That would be ideal. I’m also hoping that an actual paying job comes through as well. I’ve got a few resumes and applications circulating but nothing has come through for sure yet. Anyway, life is good, regardless.
I had a babysitting job lined up for tonight but it just got canceled because the kids are sick. Bummer, but I appreciate not having to watch sick kids. Having a babysitter when the kids are sick is incredibly inconsiderate in my opinion. So, family that I was going to babysit, thank you for being considerate :o)
I was going to sleep the other night, as is my usual pattern when night comes, when I started to randomly think about the hiking trails of Gaming, Austria. I got to know those trails very well during my semester there. Apparently I still do. It was a little crazy how clearly they were pictured in my mind, so randomly too. I remembered the mountains, hills, and specific boulders and trees. I think a little piece of my heart is still there, completely at peace in the beauty of it all.
*BREAKING NEWS* this just in, literally. So, I’m at Urban Mills coffee house downtown GR and this random guy just came up to me asking if I was online. I had seen him come in with three kids and he seemed like a nice guy so I determined it safe to answer his wierd question. Yes. Turns out he had been at the YMCA (i love the Y btw) with his kids and had locked his keys in the car. He didn’t know his wife’s cell phone number and didn’t have his phone so he needed to use my computer to access his email and then my phone to call his wife to come rescue him. Glad that worked out for him. I have great empathy for all those who lock their keys in their car, seeing as I have done it at least three times. The last time I did it was the worst though, because I didn’t actually do it.
Allow me to explain… I thought I did, called the lock opener people, and then proceded to find my keys in a previously unchecked pocket. What made it “the Worst” is the fact that I still had to pay the lock opener guy, for moral support apparently, since he did nothing except talk to me. In my own defense though, I was wearing a hoodie and a vest and had my purse and pockets on my pants so there were a lot of pockets to check. I just missed the crucial one.
Well, my comp battery is about to kick it so this has been random musings with Alissa Schafer. Tune in next time, for, eh, more.

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