From my vantage point…


The infamous “walk of shame” has never before provided as much entertainment.  Nor has the PJ-class-dash, or the I’m-a-runner-and-run-the-same-route-every-day-run.  It’s really quite creeper-tastic, I sit at my desk, working away on the comp, writing things such as this very sentence you’re reading, and get to watch a show on the street below me.

I have always found people watching to be incredibly fascinating, thus the reoccurring theme in my writing, but my current set-up has brought a new quality to my observations of the human kind.  It almost happens accidentally.  How could one NOT notice the college student who wears the same sweatpants and baseball cap every day as he trudges to campus?  Or the old man who goes for leisurely walks in bright white sneakers?  Or the runner girl who sprints down the street headed one direction and comes limping back the opposite direction in about two minutes?  Or the parade of frumpled costumes and stilettos that pass by about 1 pm the Sunday after Halloween…

Seriously, these people have no clue.

Somewhat Relevant Parting Thought:  “Don’t frown; you never know who may be falling in love with your smile” – Author Unknown

Completely Re-Written Version:

“Be careful what you do in public; you never know if Alissa Jean is waiting for something to write about.”

Much Love!

2 thoughts on “From my vantage point…

  1. Your blog is very stylish. 🙂 I love the layout. Suddenly I think I might have said that on Facebook too, but it’s true.

    And people watching is great. My camera holster allows me to get decent pictures when I’m bold. For instance, one of my trainers was drinking a blue Monster and yawned a really big blue-tongue yawn and I got a great shot without him ever knowing. Sadly I was caught unaware with the tongue and that caused me to jostle the camera a little. :-p

    • Thanks Dan! I appreciate that, coming from you, author of a pretty awesome blog yourself! I just looked through your pics and yeah, you have some great shots! Do you ever get any negative feedback for taking pictures? Or do people generally not care/realize?

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