How to Clean Your Glasses

Obviously, this is a burning question to most of us.  How do I tidy up these specs, these windows to the window of my soul?

Thankfully, a young lady at the 24 hour Bigby’s in East Lansing made the matter quite clear, pun intended.  Sitting across from me at approximately 11:30 PM, decked out in her forest green MSU Law hoodie, fashionable headband, “comfy” pants, and, of course, glasses, she decided that a study break was in order.  The frames required attention.

She deftly removed them from her face, took a couple swipes at them with her hoodie sleeve, and then… She licked them.

Well that’s one way to get the job done.

The following VIDEO came up when I Googled “lick your glasses to clean them”.  [Yes, I really Googled that.  I’m a Google rockstar.]  He has some great tips, if you’re into watching boring videos with lagging audio.  My advice, skip the video and check out the comments.  Ms. MSU Law isn’t alone, apparently.

One thought on “How to Clean Your Glasses

  1. I’ve been infrequenting a Starbucks in Bloomfield Hills latley–two visits in 3-4 weeks isn’t bad considering I don’t live there. Inspired by one Alissa Jean I did some people watching on each occasion. A couple of laptops going. Lots of cell phone conversations or texts. Break time for a team of cops from Pontiac. A one-sided conversation which may have been a job interview. Lots of designer jeans and wool peacoats. Most of the men are older than I am and most of the women are younger, although there was a mix. The room was loud, but the coffee was good, of course.

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