I did not watch the Kentucky Derby

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday officially got about 45 times cooler.  It’s Fulton Street Farmer’s Market season again.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are the days of operation.  45 is the approximate number of vendors.  Thus, my conclusion of increased coolness is reached.

Today was opening day.  Opening day can bring to mind many things, depending on the person and the contents of their memory bank.  My opening day memory bank is full of camouflage, tree stands, and target practice.  [IE – opening day of hunting season has always been big in the Schafer family. ]  Today’s opening day brought eco-friendly grocery bags, fresh produce, and babies in slings; among other things.

Seriously, there was an unusually high number of family offspring being toted about in slings.  It really makes sense, seeing as strollers are incredibly impractical in crowded isles of cucumbers and baked goods, just caught my eye as a little unusual at first but then kind of cool.  I decided, therefore, that if I am ever a mother, I will put my baby in a sling and go farmer’s market exploring so that I can be kind of cool too.

The morning had started off with a bunch of rain, and makeshift plastic tarp overhangs only do so much, but vendors were there, braving the elements and welcoming the sunshine and crowds that were starting to emerge by around 11.  The rain did spice things up a bit.  A book vender was offering a rainy day special for books with now damply curled page edges, a lady loudly shrieked as she narrowly missed a complete drenching from some tarp-runoff, and some dude farmer’s market shopper asked a vendor why the bread bag was wet, leading to the vendor response:  “Well you see, it was raining…”

My favorite vendor was the Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters.  A free dark chocolate sample may or may not have influenced my favoritism.

Purchase of the day:  Italian herb pizza crust.  [from Bova Bakery]  Jeff and I will be making pizza tonight.  We have been discussing potential toppings all day.  So far I think the options include chicken, green olives, artichoke hearts, garlic, banana peppers, and red onions.  Good breath is definitely our goal behind this menu.

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