it’s getting drafty in here…

Sometimes there are just too many thoughts floating around to try and capture and express in a blog post.  But I still try, because I’m a writer and happen to think that writers should write.  This is what happens:  5 unfinished drafts in the last month.  I suppose drafts are better than nothing at all, at least I’m still writing, but there is something incredibly unsatisfying about a draft.  Those five italic letters next to the posts on my screen scream “goal NOT accomplished”.  Horror of horrors.

Every once in a while I return to my drafts.  Sometimes they spark an idea or inspiration that I decide to finish.  More often, I think of something totally new and different that seems much more fun than finishing something that was fun two weeks ago.  “Fun two weeks ago” can tend to equate to “moment gone/not fun today”.  Perhaps I should write a book.  This seems a semi-logical and challenging way to overcome the whole preferring-to-not-finish-drafts-thing.  Maybe later.

Unfinished drafts have benefits though.  It seems unfair and misleading to both myself and others to refer to them as a “thing to be overcome”.  Sometimes thoughts are not meant to be finished, tied up with a pretty bow, clever conclusion, and click of the “publish” button.  Sometimes a few sentences quickly scribed is all my mind really needs in the current moment of self expression/release.  And sometimes, no other eyes really needs to see those thoughts.  Perhaps, if nothing else, unfinished drafts serve as a rough version of a journal.  They are snippets of my mind, un-edited, un-censored, and un-seen.   Yes, that sentence was designed to make you curious.

And the tie-in…  Last night Jeff and I watched “Julie and Julia”, a decidedly adorable movie, despite a rather boringly predictable husband character and somewhat unsatisfying conclusion.  It’s basically about a blog project and cooking, in case you have not had the opportunity to watch it yourself.  Inevitably, watching a movie about a blog made me think of my own.  I would say that it inspired me to get back at it and write pieces that make it past the “draft” stage, except for the fact that this statement is incredibly cliche.  A movie about blogging inspired me to blog?  Really?  Can I not be more the creative artist than that?  Apparently not.  My pride will survive, I’m pretty sure.

So here we go, on to June.  My life is full with work and wonderful happenings with no end of Busy in sight.  I love it, most of the time.  If nothing else, I will have plenty to write about, hopefully in the published version.


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