Aiming for the GREENer side

The grass is always greener on the other side.  Said in reference to wanting something you do not have or being somewhere you are not, the implied wisdom of this statement can ring true.  Unless you are playing golf.  Then, the side you want to be on, the far side of the fairway, the teeny tiny miles away putting green, tends to be lighter, or less green.  [I’m sure there are exceptions, but go with me here.]

When I imagine the “grass is always greener” anecdote, I imagine it being said in a somewhat snide, self-righetous, all-knowing tone.  I’m sure you’ve heard it.  The tone that says it all without actually saying it, the tone that carries the subtext of:   “you think the grass is greener over there so that’s where you want to be, but once you get there you’ll realize it’s really not that great, and you should have listened to me in my vast wisdom in the first place, because I am right and you are wrong, blah blah blah.”

Oh yeah?  Well the grass is NOT always greener on the other side, and it’s STILL where I want to be.  Because I am a golfer.  And the green isn’t that green.  So there.  [please ignore any logical flaws and/or gaps in these last two paragraphs. thank you (o:]

The deep and philosophical point behind all of this?  I played golf for the first time this past weekend and so am now qualified to add my own strained versions of golf jokes and somewhat golf related opinions to the blog-o-sphere.  Well, I played in a golf scramble.  For nine holes.  But that still counts, right?

Nine holes down, I’m officially a fan.  Golf seems like a nice way to spend an afternoon, especially if the weather is nice, you’re in good company, have a some cold beverages, and are sporting a sweet golfing outfit.  The sweet golfing outfit element should not be underestimated.  Sporting events are always an opportunity to dress for the occasion and get out of one’s normal outfit box, in my opinion.  My golf wardrobe is incredibly under-developed at this point, but that just means there is plenty of potential.

I feel the biggest challenge in a golf wardrobe is to find the balance between boring and obnoxious.  Case in point…  Tiger Woods’ monochromatic dirty snowman look at the US Open = boring.  John Daly’s orange plaid explosion at the Open de Espana = obnoxious.

It may be prudent for someone at my rookie level to care more about form and whatnot than outfits, but really,  I have more important things to be prudent about.  Bring on the golf skorts!

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