Independent Woman

Hot dogs are disgusting.

Fireworks are a waste of money.

Parades mean closed roads and congested traffic.

RV’s, boats, and trailers, towed by over-enthusiastic under-experiences weekend vacation drivers, mean slow roads and even more congested traffic.

Red, white, and blue, is not the most attractive color scheme for most people.

But I get time and a half to work today, so HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

Seriously though, I feel like holidays, birthdays, and special events in general change a lot depending on your stage of life.  Sometimes they mean your parents do a lot of really nice things for you, sometimes they mean you do a lot of really nice things for your kids, sometimes they mean go out and get drunk with your friends, sometimes they mean it’s time for the annual extended family member catch-up session, and sometimes they mean it’s time to get in extra hours and pay those bills.  I’m in that sometime right now. 

Work hard, play hard, sleep hard.  I’m convinced that’s the way to be.  Sometimes it’s more work than anything, but that just makes the play sweeter and the sleep more sound.  Right?

Right.  Now let’s go watch people blow up money in the sky.

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