another COM641 post

Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  Or, in the application to today’s technology, are we changing and forming technology, or is technology changing and forming us?

Do 140 character blips and tweets of information cause a fragmented, multi-task-oriented, short attention span, ADD-ish mental state?  Or do we embrace those 140 messages because we are naturally inclined to be fragmented, multi-task-oriented, short attention-span, ADD-ish thinkers?

Do we create electronic calenders and schedule apps because we have schedules impossible to otherwise coordinate?  Or has the availability of such personal appointment setters enabled the creation of such schedules in the first place?

Do we join online communities and then enjoy the sense of closeness and connectedness with that group?  Or do we need a community and then create it online to fill the void?

Would I ever write a school-related post entirely in question form if it were not in a blog?  Or is the use of a blog space allowing me to express the questioning side of my brain in a form never before allowed in English class?


3 thoughts on “another COM641 post

  1. i felt slightly guilty using all those question marks. i will always remember Anton, my mentor at my magazine internship, explaining that questions were one of the laziest and most cliche attention getters/writing techniques, not to mention potentially ineffective and distracting. (what if the audience doesn’t answer the question the way you did in your head when you imagined and planned the flow of the piece? danger danger, out of control reader!) oh well. i obviously disregarded the advice for this one post.

  2. Sometimes just continuously asking questions in a blog is the best thing…it makes the reader think. In fact, as I read this, I literally stopped and thought/answered each question (often going back and forth on many of them!) Also, great pictures to go along with your blogs!

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