Cleanliness is Next To… Sanity.

By the end of Saturday, I was beginning to feel that my productive, yet relatively uneventful weekend was turning lame.  This thought was a depressing one; God knows I put great stock in not being bored, boring, or lame, even if only to myself.  Life is too exciting for me to give the impression that it is not.  Regardless, I was in bed by midnight, responsibly planning for my early morning trip to home to surprise my mom for mother’s day.  Ugh, responsibly planning… lame?

My attitude changed over night.  Waking up fully rested, a few minutes before my alarm went off, to a clean apartment, coffee ready to go, and mother’s day cupcakes already in tupperware, I decided that this was the start to a perfect Sunday.

Moral of the story:  Never under estimate the power of waking up in a clean and organized room.  It seems to give some sense and order to the rest of the craziness that is life.

SideNote Related to Mother’s Day:  I remember my mom always making sure that the house was especially clean *before* we went on vacation just so that we could come home to a well-ordered house.  Well noted, Mom.  I think the same principal applies no matter how short your vacation is.  A good night’s sleep definitely counts as a vacation.

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