Pantsless Eyelashes*

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A marketing coordinator walks into a room with an IT guy, an accountant, a financial analyst, and an engineer.   Is this:

A.  The opening line to a joke
B.   A small business
C.  My team for Summer business class BUS631
D.  Answers A & C

If you selected D, both the opening line to a joke and my team for Summer business class, you are, most likely, correct.  After a refreshing week off of grad school, I’m back at it, tackling a twice a week business class plus an independent study for the summer semester.   [I hope to share wonderful incite about my independent study at a later date.]  BUS 631 – Organizational Leadership- is basically a combo of organizational behavior, straight-up leadership, and, from what I can tell so far TEAMWORK.  The mix of personalities and backgrounds on my team should be fantastically entertaining and hopefully quite enlightening…  Thus the opening to this post.

As this is my first class in the GVSU business school after taking a slew of COM classes both here and at Aquinas, I am curious as to what the semester will hold.  Granted, I was a “business emphasis” at Aquinas and a former Economics major at Ave Maria University, so I am not expecting to be too much out of my league here.

However, being a little bit out of my league wouldn’t be all that bad.  Living and breathing COM may be perfectly lovely if all I wanted to do was teach COM, but, lets be honest here, yeah right.  Teaching COM is one of my many goals and interests; one.  As this is the case, I appreciate the opportunity to break of the COM bubble a bit and get inside the heads of some business school people.

First Impressions:

  • Predominantly Males – A stark contrast to any communication class I have ever been in… stereotypes have their merit
  • Good Dressers – One of the main things I appreciate about the corporate culture is the pressure it puts on twenty-somethings to look presentable.  Yeah, I’m a sucker for good outfit 🙂
  • Summer Acceleration –  A whole semester of work is about to be crammed into half the amount of time.  I am okay with this because it means I will have more time for long bike rides and poolside lounging in July.
  • Teamwork – I’ve had some interesting team experience in my life span thus far.  Here’s hoping this one will be absolutely fabulous!
*  This title has nothing to do with the main post.  It does, however, have to do with me.  Specifically me, the other morning, when I completely did my makeup – minus mascara.  I realized this when I was about one minute away from work.  Horrified that I had forgotten mascara but too late to turn back and remedy the problem, I instead resorted to one of my coping mechanisms – texting a few people about my ridiculous predicament.
The exact text to my friend Shelby read:  “OMG I’m on my way to work and realized I didn’t put mascara on.  Equivalent to forgetting pants.”
Thus the title.
No worries, my face survived.  I’m debating sharing this experience with my BUS631 team.
Alissa Jean

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