Personality Continued

As alluded to in my previous post, one place that personality profiles can pop up is my summer business class.  This is, in fact, 100% true.  We have spent several classes discussing personality profiles: our own personal types, the types of our team members, and what all that means, for us, our groups, our work environments, and our ultimate quest for world domination.  [okay, the part about world domination is added by yours truly, but if I had to guess, sitting in this room full of highly motivated, intelligent, grad students, world domination has to be in the plans for at least some of them.  Corporate domination at the very least…]

So let’s start with number one – my Myers Briggs personality profile.  I almost feel a little nervous about revealing this information to the great worldwideweb, almost as though I am entrusting my readers with a part of the “real me”.  Yet here I go, all in the name of establishing greater understanding and communication of humanity… and the egotistical joy of writing about myself and how awesome I am.  Understand, dear readers, that with this information comes great responsibility.  What I am about to tell you will reveal what sort of jobs I am suited for, what sort of lover I am, what sort of leader I am, how to work with me, what sort of people I like to work with, how to pursuade me, my strengths, and my weaknesses.  You will have all the keys you need to figure me out, at least, according to Myers Briggs.     

*Warning*  This post is rather lengthy and a bit more academic than normal, partially because I am also turning it in as part as a class requirement.  As such, I am breaking it up into parts and full reading will take a bit of concentration.  However, it is interesting and worth your time if personality profiles, specifically mine, interest you in the least 🙂


Alissa Jean – ENTJ
E – Extrovert
N – Intuition
T – Thinking
J – Judging

Other labels for this personality profile:
Extraverted Thinking with Introverted Intuition
Field Marshal
The Executive
High Expectations
Big Picture

What does that mean?

 (since being classified by a stereotype would be terrible and because I feel obliged to add my self evaluating opinion)

Possible weaknesses (or potential strengths, depending how you spin it):  
May lose interest/fail to follow through – or just get, oh look something shiny…
Forget to stroke (compliment others) – I actually disagree with this, although some of my compliments tend to come in the form of sarcastic, backward remarks
Needs many strokes (tell me how awesome I am) – I love attention, does that count?
Elitist – hmmm I hope not, although some people say that their first impression of me is somewhat “snobbish
Love/hate deadlines – TRUE!  Deadlines make the world go ’round and I will ALWAYS meet them, however I may procrastinate beforehand.
Restless – Yeah…. and yet I’m still sitting here writing about personality
Escalating standards – potentially.
Argumentative – can’t argue here.
Critical – ALWAYS.  Of myself, innocent bystanders, projects at work, and things not related to me at all.
Impatient over repeat mistakes – We’re supposed to learn from the past, aren’t we???
Hard to shift focus – This seems to contradict with the easily distracted part.
Too much time planning – I do love my lists, but over-love them?  Nah.
Leave structures too unclear – Yes and no.  I obviously love my plans and lists and details and such, but perhaps I expect others to read my mind at times.
Change for the sake of change – Only if I’m in the mood for change.
Confrontational – I prefer “direct”.  Bushes are not meant to be beat around.
Impatient with details/routines – Again, I love schedules.  I do get impatient with long revision processes, though.  Get it right and move on.


Now that I have the weaknesses out of the way, let’s focus on something a bit more fun, such as convincing me and what I am drawn to.  This post seems to give an unfair advantage to all of my readers, but, let’s face it, I love you guys and am thus already slightly biased.  A little more can’t hurt.

How to Persuade Me of a Plan:
Discuss it’s research base – Show me the reason.
Highlight theoretical background – Show me WHY
Demonstrate how it fits a strategy – I want to know how it all fits together and what I will be getting out of it.
Show how it will increase competency – Or efficiency or anything else that gets us closer to goals.
Indicate its broad and far-reaching possibilities – I like a few stars in my eyes, I suppose.  World domination… 😉
Be a credible source of information – What I consider a credible source of information will be relative to the situation at hand…

I am drawn to:
Positioning for the future – Always looking to get ahead and set myself up to get ahead.  
Linking systems – Again with the big picture idea
Strategies – This fits with my ultra competitiveness
Finding new opportunities, growth, development, and challenges – Yes, yes, yes, and yes
Impact studies of complex problems – I am drawn to issues that I am able to dedicate a good deal of time to figuring out/studying.  Otherwise I find them frustrating because I don’t see an immediate solution and don’t have time to find one.
Debating challenging questions – See above, although sometimes I just like causing trouble… it can lead to new ideas and some fun discussion in certain situations.
Anything a little bit risky – I added that one myself, REBEL!!!

Pride and Prejudice – OR… ENTJ Avoidance and Love

I avoid:
Doing someone else’s work – Unless I can do it better, they need help, and/or there is a good reason to do it, I am an advocate of efficiency and expect people to keep up with their jobs so I can focus on doing my part and reach GOALS!!!  IE – Please don’t slow me down, k thanks.
Engaging in popularity contests – I already know I’m fabulous, on the other hand, I’m also competitive and love attention.
Working with administrative details  – I only update mailing lists because I know I need to.  Is laundry considered an administrative detail?
Performing repetitious tasks – I get bored.  Maybe laundry fits in this category better.
Participating in self-awareness activities – Wait, isn’t that what this is???

The ENTJ Lover:
“Love is enhanced by power, influence, and achievement.”
Guess I should forget all that rubbish about giving of myself and whatnot.  Also found this gem on a few different sources online:  “People involved in close relationships with the ENTJ need to have a good amount of personal strength. For those who do, the ENTJ has a tremendous amount to offer.”

I found some entertaining advice for people who want to date ENTJ’s on
*Dress your best; ENTJs are fastidious about your appearance.
*Be ready to engage in a fiery debate about almost anything.
*Sharpen your wit and be prepared to lampoon any silly, pompous, or hypocritical person or situation you observe.
*Keep your cool when ENTJs use their famous acidic wit to roast you; tease them back and win their affection.

Bottom line:  I sound like a ball breaker.  I not really, I swear.  See the part about the tremendous amount I have to offer…?

*Thank you to the MBTI Team Building Program: Leaders Resource Guide by Sandra Krebs, and Lovetypes for much of the information in the last several posts.  

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