Music Monday

Mike Posner - The Layover

Today is a great day to read this blog.  Because I’m giving you free music.  Consider it an early Thanksgiving present, which is pretty awesome considering I don’t think I’ve ever given anybody a Thanksgiving present…

So here it is, Mike Posner mixtape, The Layover.  Free!  Not sure how long this download will be posted, and/or free, so I suggest getting it while you can, like, today.

Not sure if you want it?  You do.  I got mine around 6am, just so I could check it out before work for you, and here’s the deal: It’s a jam.  There are some hits, some misses, but it’s a fun mix overall.  Almost as good as the music itself – the secondary titles…  After every song name is a set of instructions.  Goes something like this:  drive to this, smoke and drive to this, pull a bad bitch to this, fly to this, pre-game to this, fuck to this, vibe to this, ride to this, reminisce to this, fall asleep to this…etc.  [Thank you, Posner, for realizing the “driving” and “riding” are entirely different and thus need separate tracks.]  By the looks of this mixtape, Posner is recommending a lot of driving, with a little smoking, a little partying and a little fucking, with plenty of time left for chilling, reminiscing, and sleeping.  Time management 101.

First Listen Impressions:
*  Wonderwall –  I like the original too much to love the remix
*  Looks Like Sex – Now we know…
Henny & Purple – First favorite on the whole mix
*  Rocket Man – Two thumbs up
Blackout Remix – Love it
21 Days – coulda done without this one
On Fire – On-Point!  Love it
Mittens Up – Anyone from the mitten state is required to like this song
Rolling in the Deep – Did NOT think I would like this, thanks to Adele radio overload, but wow, Posner kills it!
The Scientist – Ditto on this one!  This is a song I would sit in a dark room by myself and cry to, on repeat, not that I ever do that…
Echo – Nice, but I wish Posner would have ended up another “Blackout” type song rather than the emotional-ness here.  To each his own….

So there you have it.  21 tracks, if I didn’t mention it above it’s because it didn’t stick out to me on the first run through.  I might feel different after my Thanksgiving music-filled drive time.

Rihanna - We Found Love

ALSO – Rihanna’s new album comes out today!!!!  “Talk That Talk”   – I don’t have it yet; the free download got my first grab this morning, but I am totally looking forward to giving it a LOT of attention.  “We Found Love” is a radio favorites all ready, so much so that I fear it’ll be played to death pretty soon.  Hopefully, the release of the full album will give our DJ’s the variety they need to keep it fresh.

In the mean time, “We Found Love” music video:
It’s an e-trippin, dysfunctional, hot-mess, awesome jam.

Happy Thanksgiving Week,
Always,  Alissa Jean

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