Talk That Talk – Alissa Jean Review

Two music related posts in a row – I believe this is an AlissaJean record…

Talk That Talk came out from Rihanna this past Monday.  If it were a lesser album, the amount of play time I have given it in the past week would have killed it already, but…. it’s NOT a lesser album.  It’s 15 tracks of awesome Rihanna-ness.  Here’s the scoop:

  1. You Da One – A happy, bouncy song.  Grows on you.
  2. Where Have You Been – One of my favorites.  Strong vocals with some DUB in the mix. Addictive beats.
  3. We Found Love – The radio single lives on.  Still great.
  4. Talk That Talk – Title track with Jay-Z, another one that gets the repeat button.  I’m betting this will be another radio hit.  Jay-Z’s opening verse is a little weird but the Rihanna nails the rest of it, especially the bridge around 2:15.
  5. Cockiness – Where the “explicit” tag comes in full force maybe?   The whole song is some delicious dirtyness… clever 😉 Unique beats too.
  6. Birthday Cake – Ultimate tease here, Rihanna.  Awesome intro… to a fade out.  Hoping she puts out the whole song soon.
  7. We All Want Love – Kinda boring.  Too Kelly Clarkson, but nice and sweet if you’re into that.
  8. Drunk On Love – Another slower one, but with much more soul than the previous track and killer vocals.  Two thumbs up.
  9. Roc Me Out – Classic catchy chorus, solid verses.  I like the music production on this one.  Way catchy.  Did I already say that?
  10. Watch N Learn – Weak intro but if you resist the urge the urge to skip ahead in the first five seconds you get some good Rihanna dirtyness
  11. Farewell – Another Kelly-ish song, but pretty solid.  Radio friendly.
  12. Red Lipstick – Some diiirty beats here!  If you like dubstep this will be your FAVORITE track.
  13. Do Ya Thing – Obnoxiously catchy and fun.  You can’t help but like it.  Again, intro is the weakest part, just get past it.
  14. Fool in Love – A good slow one… not my favorite but if you like the whole singing-to-your-parents thing, this’ll get you.
  15. We Found Love – remix – She ends with the radio single… predictable!!!  I would have preferred if she ended with the full version of Birthday Cake, personally.  Or at least made the remix a little more re-MIXED than the original, but she forgot to ask me.


Talk That Talk All In All – lots of different sounds, most of them good ones.  Get it.  If only so that you can sing along with me 😉

-Alissa Jean

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