Post Trump Victory, Is This Still My Country?

Before they are president, a person is just a person. I have never been shy about my criticism of Trump, his dangerous rhetoric, lack of comprehensive (or even slightly logical) policy proposals, poor business skills, or blatant sexist, racist, and everything-phobic comments and actions. He was simply a person I greatly disagreed with and very much disliked because of all he stood for. Yesterday, he did not represent me. Today, he does. My country has elected him to be our next President, based on the votes of millions of Americans.


I confirmed by Google at 4am…

Trump is the man that our country chose. This morning, that feels an awful lot like those voters chose against me, against my daughter, against my Cuban-American family, and against my passion/job/belief in clean energy solutions for the future of our planet. We asked the country, “tell us how you really feel”, and they did. They don’t want us sitting with them at lunch.

It’s a strange feeling to know that the Trump supporters shouting racists comments on street corners are the ones celebrating today. It’s disconcerting to know that everyone who defended Trump in the face of his sexual assaults and attacks on victims have made that man our chosen leader. It’s alienating to realize that so much of this country stood by somebody who I could never imagine aligning myself with. It’s disorienting to wake up, for the first time ever, in a country that doesn’t really feel like MY country. It feels like a my old home was hijacked, painted over, redecorated with a big orange bobble head, and filled with a new family that I’d rather not talk to.

But, it is my country. Trump was the choice of the people, and I am proud to live in a country where the people’s voice matters, even when I am diametrically opposed to what that voice is saying. So there’s that. If we want that voice to change its tune any time soon, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. It is my prayer and desperate hope that we can do that work without the violence and hatred that this election has brought to the surface thus far. Love does trump hate, but only if we put it into action and move forward together. Let’s do that.

[Edit – Also watch Hillary’s speech from this morning. Keep fighting.]

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