Missing Persons – Com641…

another post for class

Dear Jason Lanier, (author of You are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto)
Thank  you for your deep thoughts on the philosophy of computer science.  I now realize that the topic is incredibly more depth-y than I originally thought.  Obviously, this is your life blood, so you’re probably a bit biased, but I did find your tie in to philosophy to be rather interesting.  IT department/philosophers.  Hmmmm, I think they might like that.

Anyway, apparently there is a little more behind these technologies that we all use and take for granted.  An entire framework of thoughts, almost paradigms, as you present them.  Accidental paradigms for the most part, but ones that we get “locked into”.  I did find your reference to “the ghost of Unix” to be a tad bit creepy.  I will never think of iphones in quite the same way.

I appreciate your point that the internet could use a little more “humanizing”, but, honestly, I feel like it’s pretty human.  Maybe I’m mistaken, but I firmly believe that one of the greatest strengths of social media is the great forum that it is for self expression.  In fact, that is a big part of my final paper for Com 641.  So I won’t say any more.  Can’t be spoilin the paper for the professor now :o)


Alissa Jean

2 thoughts on “Missing Persons – Com641…

  1. Yeah, that UNIX stuff freaked me out too! I’m really interested in your paper topic now that you’ve mentioned it because in my own opinion I feel like the interent doesn’t provide much in the way of individuality. Everyone is doing it, as the saying goes and there are so many risks. I’d be interested in what the opposing argument for that is.

    • I’ll be sure to post a link to my paper on here, especially for you! I think a strong case can be made either way, but I felt inclined to take a positive approach since so much of class discussion and reading has been pretty debby downer :o)

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